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Rise Above

How many times has someone treated you unfairly? They treated you in a way you would never treat them?

Maybe you were always there for them and they were never there for you? You cheered them on and supported them, but when it was your time to shine...crickets?

I don't like to assume, but in this case, I assume we have all experienced this.

For me, my first thought is, " Well I am going to treat them the same way they treated me."


"I am done supporting them when they have shown me time after time they won't support me."

Those thoughts are very valid if you have ever had them, I know I have. But the thing is, two wrongs don't make a right. When I have stooped that low, it made me feel bad about myself. Like I was just like them. But let's take a step back here. I said it made me feel " just like them." When I think like this, I am assuming it is a character flaw, and that because they do not act how I would act, they are wrong and I am right. Even though I do believe it is the right thing to return the support, it doesn't mean everyone feels that way. And half the time they are not even thinking that way or realizing what they are doing.

The point I am trying to make is: rise above all of this. Be who YOU are. If who you are is someone who is there for someone no matter what. Then keep being that person even if no one is that person for you. We should never do things with the intent of receiving an award. We should do things purely out of the kindness of our hearts because that's just who we are.

Do not let your kindness be contingent on how those around you treat you.

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