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This book all started when I had to take a flight home to Ohio In August of 2021. If you know me then you know I am HORRIFIED of flying. After I landed, I thought to myself "something has to change" I could not let fear consume me like this.

This led me to research airplanes. I thought maybe if I understood them better, I wouldn't be as afraid. After some research, I discovered THE FOUR FORCES OF "FLIGHT".

The website I was on, explained that without the 4 forces of flight "THRUST, DRAG, WEIGHT, LIFT" A plane wouldn't be able to stay in the air, and therefore fly.

And then it hit me, these same 4 forces that get an airplane off the ground and allow it to fly and reach its destination, are the same four forces we experience in life. When understood and applied, these 4 forces will help us get our lives off the ground and begin to take flight towards our goals and the life we always dreamed of.

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Co-Authored with Tami Matheny, this book is a collection of stories, fables, and lessons on how to overcome adversity.

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