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The People You Meet

In life, you meet millions of people. That means the majority of them, you wouldn’t recognize if you met them again. You wouldn’t know anything about them, their name, anything. In a sense, they wouldn’t mean much to you. They didn’t have an impact on your life. And perhaps… you didn’t have an impact on their life either. We are all so busy rushing through this life, trying to get to where we are going not acknowledging those around us. We miss the beauty and miracles this life has to offer. We live in a hurry and then wonder why we feel so broken and lost. We beg God for an answer and think he is going to speak to us audibly and tell us what the answer is. And in a way…he does. He uses other people to do that. Only, we don’t realize that because we don’t take the time to look around, listen, and connect to the people God has placed in front of us.

A week ago, I had surgery on my leg. I didn’t want it, but I was also tired of using a cane and falling 5 times a day. So, surgery it was. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until a few days later I developed a DVT (blood clot) in my lower left leg. Now 50% of people don’t even know they have a DVT, so they don’t get medical attention, and the result can be…deadly. I was the other 50%, I had severe pain in my calf and couldn’t even move my foot. Thanks to these symptoms and the team I have in my life, we were able to get me there and start treatment. I wish I could say I was brave, but I wasn’t. I started to have a horrible panic attack and honestly thought I was dying. Now to some, this may be dramatic, but you have to understand. My whole life I have been what most would call “A very healthy person”. Up until this point I have never had anything serious happen to me to where my life could be at risk. When I got the diagnosis, I was so angry. It wasn’t enough that I had to have a surgery that would put me off work for over a month, but now a DVT?? More money, more medication, more confusion. Nothing seemed to calm me down at the hospital until a man named “Bryan” walked into my room.

I don’t know what it was about him, but the moment I saw him a peace came over me like never before. He talked to me, he told me I would be okay, and he told me about his journey and story and how he uses it to help other people. He told me God has a plan for all of our lives. He told me that I would be okay, and he gave me a hug. There was a lot more to our conversation, but that small moment with him slowly began a shift in my mind. He gave me hope, he gave me peace.

When I came home that night, I was scared, but I wasn’t as scared. So, thank you Bryan.

A day later I had to go back to the doctor, they were worried I was losing circulation to my foot again. They sent me to have a doppler done. I was scared, not as scared as before but still…scared. Were there more clots? Did it move? What is going on?

I was called back to the room to get the test, and I was introduced to another lady by the name of “Regina.” I felt the same feeling I got with Bryan. She made me laugh the whole time, gave me good advice, and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Thank you, Regina.

After I left there, I got a call saying there were no signs of a blood clot. Instead of being excited, I started to freak out. What do you mean there is no blood clot? I just had one two days ago? I am in horrible pain still? How can you say I don’t have one? I was so angry and confused. I thought “great these people don’t know what they are doing, they couldn’t even read the doppler right”. I didn’t even stop for a second and think, “Hey maybe it was God, and maybe it was just that small that it dissolved fast”. Nope, instead, I assumed the worst.

My mom looked at me and said “Lindsey you are seeing the negatives in all of this, THANK GOD you had symptoms and they caught the blood clot, thank God your test said it was gone, and even if its not, it must be small enough that they couldn’t even see it. Thank God you have people in your life that are in the medical field and were able to get you where you needed to be. Thank God you are on a treatment plan just in case there are more and so you don’t develop another one.”

I knew she was right; I just didn’t know how to believe it. God showed me through several people and situations that everything would be okay. At the moment I would feel it and believe it, and then I would forget it again. So, God would bring someone else along to remind me. Over and over but I still couldn’t accept it.

On top of all of this, I started to panic, how was I going to make one of my bills? I can’t work so what was I going to do? Three hours after thinking this, my mom calls me and tells me my family in Kentucky raised money for me. And it was almost the exact amount I needed to cover this bill. I was speechless, and I still am. How could people be so kind, and what are the odds? The thing is, there are no “odds” with God and no coincidences.

That was it. My eyes are open. God has shown himself to me through so many different people and things. And it took me being at my lowest point to finally have a clear heart and mind to see it all. Maybe I didn’t at the moment, but now… I know…and I can see it.

Take the time to connect and listen to those around you. You never know who God is going to use.

Pay attention to:

The people you meet.

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